2019 Stationery supplies

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Every year our teachers compile a list of the stationery requirements for each year level, and this is then sourced from quality education suppliers to ensure the best quality products and prices for all the students.

Orders can only be placed online

Orders are to be paid online by 10 December, 2018.  Late orders will incur a $14.95 surcharge fee.

If you prefer you may source the items yourself, please let the office staff know if you are following this option and they can advise you of the process to order a Resilience Project Student Workbook which is not available from any other source.

As we order in bulk, we only supply complete packs.  In Years 3 and 4 there are options to exclude certain items that you may have from previous years – this is applicable only to the Music Recorder (Yr3) and Dictionary (Yr5).

Packs will be delivered to your child’s classroom for the start of Term 1.   In Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 classes all stationery resources are shared so nothing needs to be taken home and named.  In Years 3,4,5 and 6 the teacher will send certain items home with your students in the first week of term that require naming.