School Level Communication

Ways we communicate with parents/carers






(link emailed to

Parent A)

Statement of Intent (SOI): Every two weeks our teachers produce a fortnightly planner for each year level. This document sets out an intention of what will be taught in the classroom.



“Event” notifications and permission/payment requests:  for excursions, incursions, sports days

Issued 6 weeks prior to the event if payment over $100 is required.

Issued 4 weeks prior to event if parent involvement is required.

Issued 2 weeks prior to event if payment is under $100, or only parent consent is required.

Reminder issued 1 week prior and each subsequent day only for those who have not consented/paid, until cut-off date is reached.


Reminders for classroom activities.

Emailed by classroom teacher as required.


(online resources)

School annual calendar

Updated as events are confirmed


Class weekly timetable

Loaded on first day of each term.


Semester Reports

Available at the end of Term 2 and 4

Accessible from date of issue until final day of Year 6.  Parents to download and retain.

Stop Press

Key dates, whole school news, bi-weekly year level summary for the week.

Link emailed via Compass every Thursday during term.

Principal’s Term Newsletter

Term review; summary of educational leadership and professional development.

Link emailed via Compass on the Monday of the last week of each term.

School Website

Self-service portal.  Statement of Intent, Stop Press archive, School Policies, BPS Annual Report, Strategic Plan, Annual Implementation Plan.

Current copies loaded when available.


Photographs of special activities within the classroom/whole school events

On day of activity, or subsequent day.

Whole School Assembly

Student led assembly, celebrates and showcases classroom activities and programs/events occurring at school.

Friday 3pm during term times (weather permitting).  Parents welcome to attend.  Compass message by 12noon if cancelled.


Parents to email school for the attention of the teacher:

Teacher to reply via Compass.


Class Reps

Communication between parents for social events and parent club information.  Specific requests from teachers.