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2021 Life At Beaumaris Primary


2020 Annual Report

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2018-2022 School Strategic Plan


2021 Annual Implementation Plan


Written below is a description of the state wide priorities that are the foundation around which all schools must develop the 2021 Annual implementation Plan.


Advice to schools and regions for 2021 AIP development: system priorities for 2021

The events of 2020 had significant impacts on our students, staff and school communities.

System priorities have emerged in response to these challenges, and give an overview of the adjustments we are making to the Annual Implementation Plan to support schools to plan for 2021.

This means refocusing our efforts on a set of common and core priorities: the most important things our school system must deliver on return to face to face schooling in 2020 and into 2021.

Our state wide priorities

The three priority areas for 2021 are:

        1. Learning catch-up and extension: Some of our students have thrived in the remote and flexible learning environment, others have maintained their learning progress, and some have fallen behind, despite their best efforts and those of their families and teachers. We will support both those who need it to catch up and those who have thrived to continue to extend their learning. Additionally, we will support those cohorts who were most affected by the lack of usual transitions and establishment practices in 2020 e.g. 2021 preps and Year 1s, Year 7s and Year 8s to ensure successful transitions through their schooling and beyond.
        2. Happy, active and healthy kids: We will make sure we look after our students’ mental health and enable every student to get back outdoors, get active and get creative. This means effectively mobilising available resources to support our students, especially the most vulnerable.
        3. Connected schools: We will build on the stronger connections that schools have established with their families, carers and communities through 2020 to embed and spread improved ways of working to support our students.

Our Policies


We are continually updating our School Policies. They will be added as they are approved.


Digital Technology Policies


Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet and Digital Technologies 2014

Student Internet Usage Policy 2017

Mobile Phone Policy- Students 2019

Bring Your Own Device Acceptable Use Agreement 2020

Digital Learning (Internet, Social Media and Digital Devices) Policy 2020


Student Wellbeing and Safety Policies


DET Schools Privacy Policy 2018

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy 2018

Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2018

Bullying Prevention Policy 2019

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures 2019

First Aid Policy 2020

Health Care Needs Policy 2020

SunSmart Policy 2020

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety 2020

Child Safety Code of Conduct Standard Three 2020

COVID-19 Policy for Term 4 2020

Medication Policy 2020

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy 2021

Anaphylaxis Policy May 2021

Asthma Policy 2021


School Administrative Policies

Complaints Policy 2021

Use of School Grounds and Facilities Policy 2017

Volunteers Policy 2018

Parent Disputes Policy 2020

Cash Handling Policy 2020

Electronic Fund Management Policy 2020

School Purchasing Card Policy 2020

Refund Policy 2018

Sponsorship Policy 2019

Visitor Policy 2019

Respect for School Staff Policy 2019

Student Dress Code policy 2020

Photographing Filming and Recording Students Policy 2021


Education Policies

Assessment and Reporting Policy 2018

Homework Policy 2019

Camps and Excursions Policy 2019

Attendance Policy


Miscellaneous Policies

Canteen Policy 2017

Duty of Care Policy 2018
Alcohol at School Events Policy 2018

Student Sponsorship Policy 2018

Bike Riding and Scooter Policy 2019

Class Representatives Policy 2020

Student Reference Policy 2020

Statement of Values and School Philosophy 2020

Personal Property Policy 2021