Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy, therefore, student welfare is the responsibility of all staff working in a whole school context . Student learning cannot be separated from welfare.

Helping students to learn effectively and to develop positive attitudes and behaviours are goals that have long been shared by teachers, student support services staff and parents. It requires that each young person is educated in an environment which provides for their individual development. This has been a long standing challenge for all involved in education.


Student Support Services

Through the Department of Education and Training, Beaumaris Primary School has access to a range of allied health specialists including psychologists, social workers and speech therapist. These professionals work in local area teams and provide support to students and schools using a needs based framework, matching the student/school with the greatest need with the expertise of team members.


The Student Support Services (SSS) Key Contact meets with the Assistant Principal on a fortnightly basis providing a range of support services support to referred students, their families, teachers and the community. These services include: Short to medium term intervention for a range of wellbeing, speech or learning difficulty issues through to emergency critical incidents. Assessment is also conducted to assess and provide reports and supportive recommendations. Areas often assessed by the School Psychologist and Speech Therapist include intellectual and academic functioning, language development and evaluations of social, emotional and coping skills.


SSS staff also liaise with other professionals including GPs, Pediatricians, Speech Pathologists, Audiologists and others to provide a collaborative understanding of an issue that a student is facing and often assists parents and schools to make decisions about the best course of action to take in light of the information.


The School Psychologist also is a key element in the management of emergencies where the school population is affected by a critical incident. Assistance is also provided by other Psychologists in the network and the emergency management team. Schools often seek advice about the management of a number of issues that occur in the life of a school and do this with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Critical incident issues are priority 1 for all SSS staff.


Psychologists in schools work in accordance with the Psychological Practices Act, the Health Records Act and other relevant legislation and guidelines. The service provided to schools is a limited resource and the school Psychologist and the Assistant Principal will determine when a student requires access to this support service.

BPS Student Wellbeing Programs
Buddy Program
Anti-bullying Policy
Values based F - 6 Student Management Plan
School Uniform and SunSmart Policy
Access to specialist services- speech therapy, psychologist and welfare support
Transition programs
Student leadership opportunities
Lunch time activities
11 Level 2 First Aid trained teachers
Asthma Accredited School
Staff EpiPen trained
Junior School Council
Bike Education Yr 4-6 


The class teacher is the first point of contact at the school.

If parents have a concern about a wider issue or more confidential issue they can contact the Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing Coordinator) or Principal.