Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery in the Early Years

Reading Recovery provides an additional opportunity for children who are having difficulty learning to read and write. Reading Recovery complements the Early Years Literacy Program that operates every day in Victorian early years classrooms.

If your child takes part in the Reading Recovery Program your school will contact you to organise a meeting. If this happens take the opportunity to share what you know of your child’s interests, experiences, and literacy skills and attitudes, so that the teacher knows more about your child as a learner.

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a school program that offers special help to children whose literacy skills are slow to develop. 

The Reading Recovery teacher identifies the needs of each child and then teaches them to overcome their literacy learning difficulties.

Reading Recovery was developed in New Zealand at the University of Auckland and has been operating successfully for over 20 years.

The Reading Recovery Program has assisted thousands of children in many countries to catch up with their peers by making rapid progress in reading and writing.


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Reading Recovery enables children to become active and independent readers and writers, better able to join in the daily literacy activities of the classroom.