Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


Our ICT centre consists of individual student workstations, all equipped with microphones, full internet access and network access to a range of educational software. Internet access is provided by Netspace and filtered by both Netspace and the Education Department, to ensure only appropriate content is visible to children. The ICT centre also houses printers, scanners, digital cameras, video conferencing facilities and video equipment for staff and student use.


Students face the front of the class during discussions and class activities, where a multi-media projector displays a large screen projection of the teacher's computer which is visible to the entire room. Students turn 180 degrees to face the computers during individual work. This means that all computer screens are visible from the teacher's position at all times. All year levels have one session per week in the ICT centre. The centre is also open several lunchtimes a week.


Computers are a fully integrated part of the curriculum, with each classroom featuring fully networked and internet capable workstations where students may do research or work on assignments.  Each level has access to laptop trolleys which each house 6 laptops that have full wireless connection to the school network and internet.


Interactive whiteboards are an integral teaching tool in our classrooms. These are highly engaging and motivating for all our students. Teachers utilise their interactive whiteboards for a range of learning experiences.


The ICT program supports the Victorian Curriculum directions of ICT for communicating, for creating and for visualising thinking. Students are trained to use a wide variety of programs that allow them to use ICT to meet their many and varied needs. Students' work is stored in personal digital folders on a dedicated student drive.



BYOD at Beaumaris Primary


Beaumaris Primary is part of the Apple Family-funded program. To support the use of technology in the classroom, the program offers competitive pricing for students and teachers on iPad, Mac, AppleCare and select accessories.


Members of our school community can purchase items through the Beaumaris Primary Apple Online Store, at your local Apple Store or call 133-622. Simply let the Apple Specialist know that you are looking to make a purchase as part of the Beaumaris Primary Family-funded program.


Click on the following link to access the Beaumaris School Primary Apple Online Store: Apple Family-Funded Program.