Language - Japanese





Japanese is taught throughout the school by a Language specialist and classroom teachers.

The focus of Language (Japanese) is to develop the children’s cultural awareness through learning about Japanese festivals, customs and lifestyle. Each year the children will have opportunities of participating in girls’ and boys’ day festivals and a biannual whole school Japanese Day.






The children will do some language learning and by level four should be able to:

• Listen to stories, participate in songs, games, questions and answer exchanges
• Recognise and write numbers to 100
• Introduce themselves, greet and farewell the teacher, and express thanks and apologies
• Write simple sentences based on modelled examples
• Use a dictionary in guided situations to find the meaning of simple words and to expand their vocabulary resources.
• Recognise some culturally-specific gestures and body language and integrate them into their own oral communications
• Recognise and write a selected range of hiragana

• Participate in cultural activities.




Some Japanese apps that can be used on the ipad or pod


Some good web sites for learning Japanese

Kids Web Japan:

Genki Japan:


Hiragana matching game:

Hiragana invaders :

Hiragana challenge:

Kana quiz :

Japanese greetings:

Japanese colours:

Numbers 1-12:

Numbers 13-20