School Facilities


Our grounds, buildings and facilities are well maintained and include :


Airconditioned and heated classrooms, are complete with networked computers and interactive TV/whiteboards .

School Hall
Fully equipped multi-purpose hall with sound room, stage, fully equipped canteen and toilet facilities. Used for drama, physical education, school assemblies etc. 

Adventure Playgrounds 
There are three adventure playgrounds which are challenging and safe play environments for children of all ages and abilities. 

Learning Lounge
A facility for one to one tutoring of students with reading difficulties. 

Shaded Active and Passive Play Areas 
An outdoor seating area protected by heavy shade cloth. For quiet activities during playtimes.


Our library has a large range of engaging fiction, non-fiction, and picture story books. All classes have a timetabled weekly library lesson in the library taken by the class teacher. A developmental program of library skills, literature appreciation and research skills are taught. Children are encouraged to borrow books weekly. All classes have access to the library collection from the database on classroom computers. Students may use the library computers for research purposes during lessons and when the library is open.

Our Library is open at lunchtime twice a week for students to visit for quiet reading/activities as follows:

Mondays (1pm to 1.45pm) for Preps, Year 1s and Year 2s. Preps are welcome to bring their Year 6 buddies. Stories will be read aloud by Library Captains.

Wednesdays (1.25pm to 1.45pm) for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6. Year 6s are welcome to bring their prep buddies.


Overdue books process:

Students visit the library with their class teacher each week and are able to borrow books for 2 weeks. If books are not finished within that time, students must still bring them to the library to seek permission to re-borrow them. Most of the time we are able to extend the borrowing of a book, but on occasion the book has been reserved by another student or staff member and therefore cannot be re-borrowed.

If books are not returned by the due date, a verbal reminder is given to the student.

If books are not returned one week after the due date, another verbal reminder is given to the student.

If books are not returned two weeks after the due date, the classroom teacher is notified and a reminder notice is sent home with the student in their bag.

At this point the student is not allowed to borrow any further books at the library until the book is returned.

If books are not returned three weeks after the due date, it is assumed that the book is lost and that it will need replacing. Therefore an invoice is sent home with the student in their bag. The amount on the invoice covers the cost of sourcing, replacing, re-cataloguing, re-covering and re-labelling the book. Until the book is either returned, replaced or paid for, students are unable to borrow from the library.


OSHC Centre 
A dedicated facility for outside school hours care of students, run by Camp Australia.


Art Room 
The BPS art room is a feature of our main building. It is equipped with kiln, sinks, art tables and a broad range of equipment for creating visual art works. Displays of children's work can be seen in the corridor outside the art room.

Language Room 
A dedicated classroom for the teaching of Japanese language and culture. Within the Language room we use ipods, laptops and flip cameras in many ways including listening to role plays, songs and using hiragana applications.
Our canteen is currently operating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.